Who is Lisa?


Lisa is a set designer and educator, working in UK film, TV and theatre for over fifteen years. Colour is the backbone to her design process, using chromatics to tell the stories of characters and their environments. She feels passionately about colour’s connection with humanity and promotes its education through an understanding of people and their cultures.  Through her work she has travelled far and wide, visiting hundreds of locations from slums to palaces, photographing colour in unlikely and overlooked places.  Her collection of images has now been put to good use, linking snapshots of colour in action to her maxims to encourage students and their teachers to challenge preconceptions.  She is fascinated by the story of lapis lazuli, the philosophy of wabi-sabi and the study of synaesthesia.  This first edition of Chroma Cues™ is the start of a lifetime ambition as an artist to encourage a true and deeply affecting education of colour for all.

The collection of image posts on this ChromaCues website is Lisa’s photo-diary – a mix of photographs taken on her iPhone as she spots them on her everyday travels and those taken on the Nikon D750.  None of the images have been digitally edited.  This page will continue to grow as new images are added but you can already see what catches her eye – colour-fields, geometry of light & shadow, abstraction, and the cracks in everydayness.

Her next project ‘CHROMAPHONES‘ is a major colour-sculpture series following a particular line of enquiry: how to make colour sing and dance.  Lisa has long been interested in the union of colour and sound, and her latest work explores how sculptural form is initially created by colour, not line, and how the vibrations of colour can oscillate beyond the boundaries of the 3D form the painted colour is contained within.  Her starting point of research has been the decay of painted surfaces and the irregularity of the forms time and science have thrust upon colour applied by man.

Sketches & models coming soon.

Everything in the world has a spirit released by its sound” – John Cage to Oskar Fischinger, 1984